Short information about PIHRB activities: COE 2016-2018

Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business (PIHRB) is an independent and impartial think tank offering advanced expertise in Human Rights and Business, labour law and relations, social unrest, stakeholder engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as educational and awareness raising programmes.

PIHRB aim is to advance Human Rights and Business/UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) implementation in Poland by contributing through research and activities that influence the everyday practice of all market actors, policy and legislation development as well as educational activities, to improved respect for human rights and sustainable development principles in business context.

Convinced that only enhanced and open cooperation and interaction of all actors can result in most effective and fair solutions for all, PIHRB cooperates with all stakeholder groups, to:

  • Raise awareness and improve business competencies in the area of human rights to help them understand what human rights are and how to respect them in everyday conduct (e.g. presentations at business-oriented events, training, research, publications).
  • Build capacity of NGOs and Trade Unions to enhance effectiveness of their action in the area of human rights and business (e.g. workshops, research, mailing list, publications, coordination of the CSR Watch Coalition).
  • Provide support to the public administration in efforts leading to introduction of legislation and policies promoting and supporting responsible business conduct (e.g. contributing to the consultations, research, member of the Group on CSR – an auxiliary body of the Minister of Economy).

PIHRB also undertakes educational and awareness raising activities aimed not only at the above mentioned groups, but also at children, youth and students to ensure that the next generation is sensitized to those issues before entering the market (presentations at conferences, organization of seminars, educational events, projects, publications; cooperation with student volunteers, organization of internships).


  • contributes with its expertise to the work of the inter-ministerial Group on CSR, an auxiliary body of the Minister of Economy, since it was established in July 2014 till 2015. Currently, PIHRB is a member of the Committee on Sustainable Development and CSR, an auxiliary body to the Minister of Innovation and Development;
  • cooperates with UN Global Compact Poland providing it with advice on human rights and business. PIHRB is also a member of the UN Global Compact initiative. Our Communication on Engagement for the period 2016-2018 can be accessed here;
  • co-initiated creation of the CSR Watch Coalition Poland, to create a representative partner for government in the area of human rights and business.
  • cooperates with international NGOs platforms like European Coalition for Corporate Justice, OECD Watch; as well as with recognized academic institutions like University of Oslo, University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University.


Although PIHRB was established only in March 2014 (formal court registration in April 2014), its key experts – Beata Faracik & Joanna Szymonek:

  • have over a decade long track record of human rights & business related work (e.g. first international conference on UNGPs in Central&Eastern Europe, translation of UNGPs into Polish, ca. 100 trade unionists/NGO representatives trained on OECD National Contact Point’ complaints procedure),
  • have first-hand work experience from public sector, trade unions, CSOs & academia as well as experience of advising business, and
    are recognized for their expertise in Poland and abroad (incl. conducting research for and delivering presentations to the European Parliament DROI; UN Global Compact Poland).

PIHRB is registered as a foundation – entry into the Court’s Register nr KRS 0000505623.

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