Central & Eastern European Business & Human Rights Association (CEEBHRA)


CEEBHRA is a regional association of academics, business and civil society professionals and policymakers united to promote research, awareness raising, capacity building and teaching of human rights in business context in Central & Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia.

CEEBHRA was co-founded as a non-registered, non-profit, non-partisan association by:

  • Beata Faracik, LL.M., President of the Board of the Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business (Poland)
  • Olena Uvarova, Ph.D, Head of the International Lab on Business and Human Rights, Yaroslav Mudriy National Law University (Ukraine)
  • Jernej Letnar Černič, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Constitutional and Human Rights Law, New University, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

We welcome academics, business and civil society professionals and policymakers with expertise in Business and Human Rights (Members) from all countries belonging to Eastern Europe group of states at the United Nations, and as of 2023, from Central Asia. We also welcome students interested in the Business and Human Rights field to join as Student Members.

CEEBHRA will aim to achieve its goal through networking activities, collaborative research focused on BHR in the region, awareness raising and capacity building activities as well teaching activities. We plan to organize annual gatherings to bring together experts from across the region to stimulate joint collaboration but also to be informed about the developments in the region. In addition, we are working with the Business & Human Rigths Journal editors to publish in 2023 a Special Issue of the BHRJ dedicated to the developments in CEE.

How to become a member:

If you would like to learn more about the Association and become a member, please contact for registration form.:

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